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Dear National Women's Soccer League,

Soccer is the world's game, and it's growing in popularity here in America. Despite hemorrhaging money at the moment, MLS is already planning on becoming the biggest football league in the world over the next twenty-five years.

Those are big dreams, considering MLS is currently #11 among global football leagues in terms of revenue generated per team. Compared to other U.S. sports, MLS is at #6, right behind the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, and the biggest NCAA football conferences.

Hell, when it comes to TV ratings, MLS is only the third most popular soccer league in the United States. Even most people in America would rather watch Liga MX or England's Premier League.

So if MLS has the delusional confidence to dream big, so can the National Women's Soccer League. 

Last year's Women's World Cup victory brought a massive spotlight onto the already popular U.S women's national team, and it really feels like a turning point for women's soccer. Granted, we've been sa…

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