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Exodus: Chronology of an Apostate (Part 6)

Things changed fast. By the time I got my driver's license I was a disillusioned Christian. By 17 I guess you could have called me a lapsed Christian. The day I turned 18 my parents stopped making me go to church. I guess they considered their obligation to me and God fulfilled. They were probably also tired of dragging me to the sanctuary just to see me sit in the back row and read Das Kapital or play snake on my BRAND NEW NOKIA 6010!!!

I'm sure it was embarrassing as well. Church was their social network. Everyone they knew and cared about was there. I remember how my mother used to dine out on juicy gossip about other church member's prodigal children when I was younger and still safely in the fold. 
"Can you believe Diana's daughter got pregnant?"
"Josh has totally abandoned God. It makes you wonder what Eileen could have done differently with him."
"You just see it so often- good Christian parents who aren't able raise their children up in…

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