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Dear COVID Vaccine Skeptics,

Several weeks ago I lined up with a dozen or so other people in front of a modular compound constructed from shipping containers. The whole premises was surrounded by a chain link fence wrapped in plastic banners which served the dual purpose of obscuring our view inside and also advertising job postings from the pharmaceutical company adjacent. It appeared that they were also recruiting trial participants. Evidently you could make some decent money getting injected with experimental drugs. It had been overcast all day and the pale gray sky began to drizzle upon us weakly as the line moved forward ever so slowly. "Shit," I said softly under my breath, clutching the folder which contained my essential documents even more closely to my side as I saw several people behind me opening their umbrellas. Those of us in line all wore government-mandated FPP2 masks tightly across our faces. We were spaced apart quite generously, even by pandemic standards. The guy in front of me was vi

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