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Exodus: Chronology of an Apostate (Part 3)

My parents changed churches three times in the first eighteen years of my life. Because our social lives more or less revolved around church, this was a pretty big shake up every time it happened. Tears were shed, friends were lost, routines changed. Until the last defection, my parents had a penchant for joining small splinter churches. I remember a lot of services in school buildings, private homes, old warehouses, and rented rooms. I think they liked the fresh enthusiasm, the creative potential of the new, and being a part of the church-building process. The Protestant denominations have an antiestablishmentarianist streak anyway, and these were also very fundamentalist, very literal Christians who sweated the biblical details, so there was always a molehill worth dying on.

Our third stop was a five-year stint at a church started by an artificial wood siding tycoon, Mr. Veit. He was a former Mennonite, a multi-millionaire, a charismatic preacher, and a big believer in the prosperity…

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