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Exodus: Chronology of an Apostate (Part 2)

Christians believe that they have a telepathic connection with the creator of the universe. Pretty heady stuff, if you really believe it to be true. Imagine that- you could simply think inside your own head, "Jesus, please don't let Aunt Cindy die of cancer," and that inaudible request beams directly to an all-knowing, all-powerful God, who, loving you more than anyone else in the universe can or ever could and having your ultimate best interest at heart, decides to intercede on your behalf and bends the seemingly iron-clad laws of the physical universe which He created in order to supernaturally put Aunt Cindy's cancer into remission; a result which is then confirmed at Aunt Cindy's next MRI. And all that simply because you let the thought, "Jesus, please don't let Aunt Cindy die of cancer," run through your mind four months ago. Now if that isn't something to share at your next small-group fellowship meeting then I don't know what is.
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